Happy Clients

TI trained with Pablo Aguilar for more than a year before he relocated to Oregon. His knowledge of the physical body and neurological connection is incredible. I have scoliosis and when I first met Pablo, I understood little or nothing about how to correctly strengthen my body. Though his patient sessions with me, he tested my strengths and weaknesses and taught me how to understand my own body. He showed me what exercises and movements would improve my mobility and strength.I am now 70 years old. I am strong and agile. I understand my back and how scoliosis had affected my body. It is no longer a handicap. I have no pain. He taught me how to continue to improve after he moved away, and I use his testing and the movement basics he gave me every day. Meeting and training with Pablo Aguilar was a great blessing in my life.

Jeanne G. Eureka,Ca

I trained with Pablo for four years And I would recommend him to anyone.  He has an extensive knowledge of the body and consequently works well with any age group or physical problems.  He is dedicated to his work and his clients and he is also fun to work with.  Never demanding or insulting and has a great sense of humor. I, an many other clients were very sorry when he moved away.

Viriginia R. Eureka, Ca

Energetic, encouraging and fun! The best thing is that you work with people from where wherethey are and you have a way of finding that balance to encourage improvement and hard work without breaking someone down. But I also love your unique approach at integrating so many different approaches to fitness and health.  Anna D., Eureka, Ca

Anna D. Eureka, Ca

I am ever grateful for the way you brought me out of depression. I can only say thank you for being a true healer. You coached every aspect of my being  

Susan G. Eureka, Ca

Encouraging, fun and energetic!  I like how I feel like I am getting personal training in a group setting with your instruction style.

Reachel L. Eureka, Ca

Motivating, excellent model. I really like how you balance high expectations with humor and personal experience.  I MISS YOUR CLASS!

Ann S. Eureka, Ca

I would highly recommend Pablo as a mobility and fitness instructor.  He definitely understands how our bodies work.  I have benefited from his classes for years while he was in Eureka. My Posture and Balance have improved significantly while under his care. Thank you for all you do Pablo.

Erzsi W. Eureka, Ca


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