What is a Posture Neurologist

The role of good posture in our everyday life can be staggering. If you suffer from chronic back pain, deteriorating joints, or imbalanced spine alignment, then you could benefit from seeing a posture neurologist.

Did you know that movement is the second function that your brain prioritizes? That's right, behind your desire for survival, your brain is focused on controlling your movement. Did you also know that our brain can change and adapt as we age? The neuroplasticity of our brains allows us to make marked improvements to our health and physical fitness, regardless of your age. Through brain based training from a posture neurologist, you can literally rewire your brain to improve your mobility, reduce pain, and even increase your balance and strength.

When you are experiencing pain, a posture neurologist can access your nervous system through specific movements, decrease pain, improve range of motion and flexibility, increase strength, and correct balance issues.

Are you ready to see a posture neurologist? If you happen to be in Central Point, OR, go to Mobility & Fitness. When you go to Mobility & Fitness, you will be able to enjoy brain-based training that allows you to move easier, feel better, and manage all of your pain. 

They also specialize in Touch for Health. Touch for Health falls under the branch of kinesiology and is a system of balancing posture, emotions and energy for greater comfort, vitality and enjoyment of your life. 

If you would like to learn more about how a posture neurologist can help or more about Touch for Health, contact them today. Fix your posture and improve your health with Mobility & Fitness. 

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