Postural Ergonomics

Many people are active and healthy in their personal lives, but pay little attention to their health while at work. Or even worse, many other individuals have unhealthy habits both at work and at home.  Poor posture can cause a series of complications, such as:

- chronic back pain

- deteriorating joints

- imbalanced spine alignment and more

Our programs are customized for you and to help reach your goals. When you are experiencing pain, w can access your nervous system through specific movements, decrease pain, improve range of motion and flexibility, increase strength, and correct balance issues.

Give your workspace an ergonomic makeover and reap the benefits of better health.  A recent poll determined that 86% of employees that   work at a desk job were uncomfortable during work. Neck and Back Pain while working from home has impacted up to 64.7% of workers in 2020.  42% of the workforce now works from home full time (Standford News, 2020).


We provide personal and corporate postural ergonomic workplace assessments and solutions. This includes:

  • Work station posture screen analysis

  • Pain chart

  • Recommendations and changes

  • Re-assessment after 3 months

Postural Ergonomics is the solution for well-being programs - on-site, virtually, and at-home.

Businesses and corporations are re-strategizing their systems and re-opening with an emphasis on health, now is a great time to communicate the importance of Postural Ergonomics

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