The Best Types of Exercise for Addiction Recovery While Maintaining A Budget

Exercise is essential for managing health, and the mental and physical benefits of regular exercise are well-established. For people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, exercise can play a crucial role in recovery. According to a 2012 study, fitness training can provide recovering individuals with neurobiological benefits and serve as a healthy alternative to drug use.

Even if you're interested in trying fitness to aid in recovery, you may doubt you have the physical or financial capabilities to exercise. People in active addiction often neglect physical health, and drugs can harm bones, joints, and muscles. Fortunately, many nonstrenuous forms of exercise are low- or no-cost and can benefit people at any fitness level.

How Can I Stay Within My Budget?

You may be worried that an exercise program comes at a high cost. Fortunately, it's possible to stay fit on a budget — you don't need to join a gym or buy lots of expensive devices. Many exercises require no equipment.

Buying new clothing and gear can sometimes motivate you. Look for cash-back offers, online promo codes, and coupons before you shop., Dick's Sporting Goods, and other retailers offer these types of discounts to help you get what you want without breaking the bank.

What Is the Best Exercise for Recovery?

There is no singular "best" type of fitness program for recovering individuals. The most effective program is the one that holds your interest and meets your physical capabilities.

In the first stages of recovery, you may feel as if you're too worn out to exercise. A slow walk outside is an excellent first step. Fresh air, sunshine, and gentle movement can benefit you by reducing stress and boosting confidence. Once you're feeling stronger, you can try longer, faster walks or going on a hike.

Bicycling also gets you outside. You can start cycling without spending a lot of money. Look for helmets at different price ranges. A well-cared-for used bike can get you started without the expense of a new model.

Yoga is another gentle activity that offers a range of health benefits, relieving anxiety and stress through breathing exercises. It can also raise heart health, strengthen your back and core muscles to improve posture, and help you sleep better.

You may find that you're ready for a more intense fitness program. Try your current exercises at a longer or faster pace. You can also consider adding weightlifting or running to your routine.

How Can Technology Help?

Developers have created devices and apps designed to help people monitor and track activity. You can certainly maintain a routine without a smartwatch or fitness tracker, but technology can help you track your progress and movement while keeping you safe and healthy while exercising. Buying a refurbished smartwatch can help you save money, and you can spruce it up with a screen protector or new wristband.

What Are Ways to Keep Exercising?

It's vital to maintain your new fitness routine. Schedule time for exercise and make sure you get enough sleep. If you believe you need more time in your day, cut out unwanted or time-wasting habits. After you've developed a routine, evaluate it and decide what's working and what isn't — and don't hesitate to make necessary changes.

Exercise is one of the best things you can do to stay healthy. It can also play a key role in your recovery. Fortunately, it's possible to develop an effective fitness routine without breaking the bank. Ready to get started? Mobility & Fitness has the programs to help. Start with a consultation — completely free!