Paleo Beef Broccoli

Craving some lean diet but want to keep it gluten-free? Transform this takeout recipe into a fast and tasty homemadedelicacy.

Course: Main dish

Prep Time: 0 hours25minutes

Cooking Time:0 hours 20minutes

Total: 0 hours 45minutes

Servings: 4

Allergens:Gluten-free, Paleo-friendlyFor Beginner, Intermediate, and professionalcooks


3/4lb.thinly slicedlean steak

2 tbsp.arrowroot/ cornstarch

1lb. ofbroccoli, cut into2 -3sections

½ cuplow sodium gluten-free tamari or soy sauce for alternative

3minced garlic cloves

1 ½ tbsp.groundginger

½ pepper

¼ –½ cup water

Vegetable oil


Step 1:

Cooking the steaks Begin by getting your thinly slices of steak mixed with arrowroot. Sprinkle some pepper. Spray some oil in a large pan and then add your first slices of steak to the pan,

Ensure they’re not close toone another. Remove each stake after cooking eachside andthenrepeat with theremaining steakslices.

Step 2:

Preparing the Broccoli Drizzle some oil in the same pan then add your broccoli. Depending on how you like them, cook by covering the pan.. Estimated time:4-5 minutes for the broccoli to cook

Step 3:

The sauce In this step, get your garlic, soy sauce/tamari, ginger, and pepper then mix them asthe broccoli cooks.At this point, transfer the broccolito the bowl with the steak. Follow by drizzlingthe sauce into the pan then give it astir. Return the broccoli and steak then toss them.. In 4 –5 minutes, the sauce should start getting thick. You can add a bit of water or some more tamari just in case it gets too thick.

Step 4: Serve when hot

NB: Use low sodium sauce to ensure it’s not too salty

Accompany with: Brown rice or whole pasta. Suited For:

A paleo diet, a regular daily routine, and works well with high-intensity workouts.

Nutritional Information

Calories 250.5

Carbs 18.2 g

Protein 45.5g

Fat 7.2g

Fibre 4.3g