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PNOE offers a comprehensive science-based solution including testing, nutrition, and training to help you achieve your goals in an effective and efficient manner.

We provide a complete system to ensure achievement goals, whether it's to improve your health or to compete as a professional athlete.


Training recommendations are determined by your limitations (shows up on testing) personalized zoning (use science, not math to identify your zones)   metabolic analysis gives you the most accurate method of identifying training zones. Accurate intensity zones are vital to developing effective training plans.

A more in-depth analysis of the heavyweight contender that is PNOE:

Metabolic Testing

This includes Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), this is what is ideal to use with your AI Nutrition program so it is “unique to you”.  


During the Fit Test we measure, cardiovascular, pulmonary, and muscle metabolism.  With this, we can define what the limitation(s) is(are) and prescribe the appropriate training to correct it.  This is what a pro, semi-pro, or serious athlete wants/needs to know to improve performance.

It has medical uses, especially with respiratory testing (lung capacity and capability).

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PNOE Affiliate Program

If you are not in my area, and you want to get tested, we are part of the Pnoē Affiliate Program.  We can research if there is a Pnoē testing facility or Pnoē owner to do the testing either at your home or the facility.  If you are uncomfortable (because of COVID) a unit can be sent to your home and you will be guided on how to do a test.

Workout App

 If you are a client you can access your workouts, live sessions, private or group sessions.  You will be able to see your training zones (if you have done the Fit Test).  It has a digital correction of form/technique on basic exercises.

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