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Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change over the lifetime. By accessing your nervous system through specific movements, we can decrease pain, improve range of motion and flexibility, increase strength, and correct balance issues. Whatever your movement or performance goals are, our neurocentric approach will get you there fast!

Whether you are an Athlete or someone wanting to move around better or need to lose weight this is probably the most efficient way to reach your goals.

Brain Exercise


The Importance of Neuro Training

Did you know that movement is the second function that your brain prioritizes? That's right, behind your desire for survival, your brain is focused on controlling your movement. Did you also know that our brain can change and adapt as we age? The neuroplasticity of our brains allows us to make marked improvements to our health and physical fitness, regardless of your age. Through brain based training from a professional neuro training expert (Pablo), you can literally rewire your brain to improve your mobility, reduce pain, and even increase your balance and strength. Whether you are an athlete or a senior looking to take control of your future, Mobility & Fitness can be of assistance.

Neuro training is the backbone of what Mobility & Fitness is focused on. With a brain based training approach since inception in 1994, Mobility & Fitness has led the way in pioneering both online and offline personal neuro training workouts. Through comprehensive coaching and consultation services, Mobility & Fitness can help to develop the perfect mobility and neuro training regimen for your specific needs. Whether you are a quarterback looking to improve your footwork or someone rehabilitating from an injury, brain based training can provide a wealth of benefits.
While neuro training is the focus at Mobility & Fitness, we'd be remiss if we didn't highlight any of their other specialties. Understanding that the human body is a complex universe on its own, Mobility & Fitness works with Creative Kinesiology, posture, movement integration and re-education, and sports therapy to help their thousands of clients over the years. Through hard work based on education and experience, you can also enjoy the benefit of addressing your nervous system to reboot your brain and improve your health.

If you are ready to embrace health and wellness, contact Mobility & Fitness.



Z-Health is an education company dedicated to providing cutting-edge applied pain and performance neurology training to elite health and fitness professionals around the world. Z Health utilizes a NEUROBIOMECHANICAL MODEL TO MAXIMIZE RESULTS FOR ATHLETES.


The American Posture Institute was founded in 2010 to increase the quality, & accessibility of Posture focused education & training for healthcare professionals.  Within 12 months the American Posture Institutes primary certification (Certified Posture Expert) had become the top rated online posture program in the world.  API continued to create the highest caliber, most implementable, evidence based, posture focused programs available.


Creative Kinesiology is a branch of kinesiology which helps you talk to your body, and find out what it is trying to tell you. We call this body-tracking. CK is a method that comes from chiropractic - as a way to do this tracking and talk to your body. We also include bodywork techniques that originate in chiropractic work and energy work from Ancient Chinese Medicine.


Now in our 30th year, the National Academy of Sports Medicine has been world-renowned for the quality of our personal trainers and the scientific rigor of our program.


THE FASTEST WAY TO GET YOUR BODY TIGHT BODYCOMBAT is a fiercely energetic workout to get you fit, fast and strong. Unleash and empower yourself.

BODYCOMBAT is our ultimate warrior workout to develop co-ordination and release stress. Destroy calories as you punch, kick, block and strike. Get a whole-body workout that targets every muscle group.

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