NeuroTrackerX was developed to accurately measure and improve human cognitive function performance. NeuroTrackerX is a simple training exercise to do, with virtually no technique or practice required within the task itself. It takes no more than 3 sessions (18min total) to see a unique baseline of cognitive abilities established. 

NeuroTrackerX has many benefits towards its use:

  • Enhances cognitive function

  • Increases memory capacity

  • Reverse age-related cognitive decline

  • Improves vision and performance assessments

  • Improves attention in young students with attention-related problems

  • Improves decision-making and vision in athletes

  • More

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NeuroTrackerX provides a valuable new window into the evolving functional capacities of the human mind. Near transfer and the rare far transfer are both achievable through this program. Anyone looking to improve their memory, focus, coordination, or perceptiveness should look into participating in this program immediately.

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