Stressed? Tired? Back, Neck or Shoulder Pain? Not As Mobile As You Used to Be?

We work hard, have had injuries or surgeries that brought chronic pain, discomfort and mobility issues.  The effects of stress are endless and include fatigue, mental fogginess, anxiety, mental and physical tension, etc.  I broke 2 vertebrae’s (L3&L4) back in 1992, I spent 25 years in chronic pain, my life evolved around how “bad it was that day or moment”.

I saw all kinds of doctors, specialists, body workers, massage therapists, energy healing, laser, EMS, ultrasound, I can go on, they all gave me relief and there were small improvements regarding pain and mobility.  

Pharmaceuticals, supplements, teas, creams, gels were part of the equation as well as nutrition, no “inflammatory foods".

This was the reason why I started my career helping others as I helped myself, I became a Kinesiologist, Fitness, Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Pilates Instructor, Les Mills Body Combat Instructor, Body worker…... 

…..and then it happened!!!!  

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Through NeuroTrackerX

I found total relief! Increased mobility and complete loss of pain! Now I am able to do so many more things that simply could not do before!!!

(This is a free download)  


Through 30 years of research NeurotrackerX is a surprisingly simple way to “Train your Brain”.  This technology applies to all aspects of life, from getting around the house, office, rehabilitation or athletic performance.  You will go at your own pace, the software adapts to your level and advances with you.

The Benefits of Using NeuroTrackerX

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  • Executive Function

Focuses in on your functionality and improves organizing, planning, and prioritizing.

  • Peripheral Vision

Sense motion by being able to see objects at wide angles without turning your head.

  • Visual Info. Processing

Process and analyze accurately what is being seen and storing it in visual memory for later use.

  • Working Memory

Improve performance on reasoning tasks and reading comprehension, as well as functioning through your day.

We're offering an ultra special package of 30 sessions of NeurotrackerX (They must be done within a 60 day period-that is how long the licensing lasts). The value of these sessions is $600 But as a SPECIAL introductory price only to Passport members is $275. 

What do you need for NeuroTrackerX?

  1. A desk top computer

  2. 3D glasses.  Just like the ones for the movies or 3D TVs.  If you dont have a pair we will send you one, let us know.

Who is Using NeuroTrackerX?

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The best of the best use NeuroTrackerX. The absolute best thing a person can do for themselves, is improve the efficiency of their brain.