AI Nutrition

Benefits of our AI Nutrition Program

  • Provides expert nutrition counseling from registered dietitians

  • Highly Individualized

  • Provides nutrition counseling from the chronically ill to elite athletes.  Takes into account food restrictions, diet (keto, paleo, etc.) cultural preferences, or religious requirements are respected and incorporated into your diet plan

  • Designed to achieve weekly nutritional goals

  • Offers the ability to change options to suit food availability or options

  • Integrate your program through complete testing, training, and nutrition app

  • Get better results by addressing your metabolic limitation(s) and goal-specific training and nutritional programming

  • Automatic adjustment of each plan based on training and fitness target

  • Alternative recipes and food item selection

  • Integration with other fitness trackers and nutrition apps

  • Schedule your cheat meals and AI adjusts your plan to stay on track

  • Smart ordering and automatic ordering on Amazon (automatic grocery cart ability

  • A state of the Art intelligent platform and App. Immediately adjusts your nutrition to your synced workouts

  • Able to adjust your weekly caloric intake if overeating/under-eating


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